Lemon Cheesecake


Date:28 Jul, 2016

Lemon Cheesecake

Lemon Cheesecake

Step 1:

Crush the biscuits into small pieces and combine with the soft butter and honey. Place this mixture into four small metal egg poaching ring and press the mix evenly on the bottom of the mouldMENU5


Step 2:

Add the lemon juice and zest and icing sugar to the cheese, semi whip the double cream then add to the cheese mix being sure not to over mix, as this will cause the mixture to split


Step 3:

Spoon the mix into the rings using a palette knife press the mix well into the mould to prevent air gaps. Chill in a fridge for 1hour; Remove the ring with a hot cloth or blowtorch


Step 4:

Place the cheesecake onto a plate and decorate the top with a few raspberries and a sprig of mint


Step 5:

Spoon the sauce around the sides of the cheesecake and serve immediately